Driving Nonprofit Excellence

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Dynamic's value proposition is composed of three main principles:

Building and maintaining trust-based relationships is the cornerstone of our
value proposition. In order to achieve this, we believe in collaboration with key stakeholders of our clientele so we can fully understand the nuances of each
client's business, including organizational values, culture, financial processes
and systems, and areas of concern.

Dynamic staff members possess the skills and experience necessary to support
a full suite of services in the financial management and strategy areas. We pride ourselves in keeping current with the most recent changes in financial regulations and also best industry practices in financial processes and technology.

We keep our focus on the end goal of providing organizations with the optimum solutions to their most pressing challenges. We ensure our recommended 
solutions are comprehensive and delivered based on client priorities. 
With more than 30 years of experience in financial and marketing management, Dynamic Consulting and Accounting, LLC provides a customized nonprofit consulting and staffing experience of the highest quality for a competitive price. Our clients include small- and medium-sized organizations in nonprofit and other sectors.
"Dynamic assisted us in our capacity-building efforts designed to ensure our
infrastructure and staffing were where we needed them to be to support AcademyHealth's 
growth. The work that they did was outstanding.
I would not hesitate to recommend them to other nonprofit organizations with similar needs."

Deborah Edwards,
Vice President of Operations
and CFO
AcademyHealth, Washington, DC